Thomas Kosmala, No.4 Apres L'Amour, Eau De Parfum 100ML, Unisex

Thomas Kosmala, No.4 Apres L'Amour, Eau De Parfum 100ML, Unisex

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The Afterglow of Intimacy Captured

Launched in 2018, Thomas Kosmala's No.4 Apres L'Amour Eau de Parfum is a testament to the power of fragrance to encapsulate moments of intimate connection. Crafted for both men and women, this scent transcends traditional gender norms to offer a shared experience of aromatic elegance.The unique perfume, belonging to the woody aromatic family, invites wearers into a realm where sophistication meets sensuality.

Blending the zest of lemon with the bitterness of orange and underpinned by the warmth of amber and musk, this perfume promises a journey through the complexities of love. This unisex fragrance is an olfactory exploration of the moments after, where the essence of connection lingers in the air.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Captures the sensuality of shared moments with elegance.
  • A versatile scent that complements both men and women.
  • Enduring fragrance that evolves throughout the day.
  • Embodies sophistication for every occasion.

Scent Journey:

  • Top Notes: Begin with a refreshing zest of Lemon and Bitter Orange.
  • Middle Notes: Transition into the heart of Spicy and Aromatic notes.
  • Base Notes: Conclude with a warm embrace of Amber, Dry Woods, and Musk.
      About the Brand
      Thomas Kosmala, the artisan behind the luxury fragrance brand that bears his name, is the alchemist of scent—a modern-day perfumer whose journey began in the heart of Paris.

      Arriving to study classical perfumery, he uncovered the emotive power of weaving raw perfume materials into enchanting blends that balance tradition and innovation. In his independent laboratory, fragrances are born and refined, each a testament to Thomas's artistry in reimagining classic ingredients for contemporary profiles.

      Championing change, Thomas Kosmala challenges the status quo, mirroring the ever-evolving nature of perfumery. His creations, dynamic and carefully crafted, blend the finest raw materials with innovative elements inspired by his global travels—from the trendy streets of London's East End to the serene shores of Bali.

      Beyond crafting scents, Thomas considers the ethical footprint of his creations, ensuring they are cruelty-free and non-abusive, contributing to a harmonious coexistence across the globe.

      These fragrances are not just scents; they are wearable pieces of art, expressions of a modern, edgy, and positively creative lifestyle. With a keen awareness of diverse markets, Thomas Kosmala seamlessly integrates the ethical impacts of his creations, showcasing a commitment to both craftsmanship and global harmony.

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