Perfume FAQs (PDP)

 What is the difference between Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, etc?
  • Parfum: 20-30% fragrance oil, highest concentration, most potent and long-lasting.
  • Eau de Parfum (EDP): 15-20% oil, longer-lasting and intense.
  • Eau de Toilette (EDT): 5-15% oil, balanced longevity and projection.
  • Eau de Cologne (EDC): 2-4% oil, lighter scent.
  • Eau Fraiche: Similar to EDC but contains a lower concentration of fragrance oils.
 How many hours will my perfume last?
 Perfume longevity varies by concentration
  • Eau de Cologne lasts 2-4 hours
  • Eau de Toilette 4-6 hours
  • Eau de Parfum 6-8 hours
  • Parfum can last 8 hours or more

 Factors like skin type, environment, and fragrance composition also influence duration.

  What are the top, middle, and base notes in perfume?
  • Top notes: Initial scents sensed upon application, usually light and volatile (e.g. citrus).
  • Middle notes: Emerge after top notes fade, forming the perfume's core essence (e.g. floral or spice).
  • Base notes: Found in the dry-down phase, these are the foundation, providing depth and richness (e.g. musk or wood).

  The combination creates a harmonious and evolving fragrance experience.